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Hobson KS Telegauge Fluid Reservoir
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Hobson KS Telegauge Fluid Reservoir

Price: $44.00
SKU: MISC-0159-4

Brass fluid reservoir for the Hobson KS Telegauge. The capillary tube attaches to the sight glass and solders to the bottom of this part. For use on many American and English car of the late 1920's and 1930's including: 1929 Bentley, 1930's Riley, 1929-31 Rolls Royce 20/25,1927-29 Rolls Royce PI and 1929-35 Rolls Royce PII.

Material: Brass
Finish: Natural
Thread: 3/8-26
OAL: 2.405
ID: .233
OD: .3750
Threaded length: 1.320
Non-threaded length: 1.085