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Stromberg Carburetor EE-22 EE-3 Ball Joint Swivel End
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Stromberg EE-22 EE-3 Carburetor Ball Joint Swivel End

Price: $22.00
SKU: P-0149

Ball joint used on Packards from 1932 - 1938 as part of the carburetor connecting rod assembly used on Stromberg EE-22 and EE-3 carburetors.  Links the automatic choke to the carburetor.

Stromberg part number P-17761.
Used with Stromberg assembly P-18734 from 1933 - 1934 and P-18397 from 1935 - 1938.

Material: Steel
Finish: Natural
Swivel body: .250 OD x .675 long with 8-32 Internal thread
External thread on ball stud 10-32
External thread length: .290
Hex on ball stud: .250
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