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Cadillac Water Pump Seal Set, 1/2 Shaft
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Cadillac Water Pump Seal Set, 1/2 Shaft

Price: $27.50
SKU: CAD-0141

Teflon water pump seals for 1/2 shafts as used on Cadillac water pumps of the 1930's. Sold as a set of nine.

Used in both V-8 and V-16, the V-8 has a stackup of 8 rings and uses three rear and one front seal.  The V-16 has a stackup of 9 rings and used three rear and two front seals.  The male end is placed toward the impeller, the female end towards the pulley.

Cadillac group number 6.2513, "Packing for impeller shaft", part numbers 885228, 885229 and 1403956.

Material: Teflon
OD: .875
ID: .500
Height, female adapter: .188
Height, male adapter: .147
Height v-ring: .136