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1931-32 Packard 8 Water Pump Shaft
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1931-32 Packard 8 Water Pump Shaft

Price: $192.50
SKU: P-0010

For all 8 cylinder Packards, fits 1931-1932 Super 8 Series 1003/4 and 1103 - 1405. May also fit other pumps.

Made from precipitation hardened stainless steel, heat-treated and ground. This is much superior to stainless steel shafts made from 302 and 304 stainless steel which cannot be hardened and remains soft making it prone to excessive wear from the packing materials.

Part of Packard part number 183956, "Motor Water Pump Shaft Impeller and Fan Pulley Assembly".

Length: 7 7/64 not including threads
DIA: .6690