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Detroit Lubricator Carburetor Rebuilding
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Detroit Lubricator Carburetor Rebuilding

SKU: Detroit Lubricator Rebuilding Service

Call to order: 1.248.362.0113

Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. specializes in rebuilding Detroit Lubricator carburetors.

Our basic rebuilding service includes:
  • Complete disassembly and cleaning.
  • Installing new gaskets and seals.
  • Install new accelerator pump.
  • Adjust float height
  • Adjust linkage to specifications.

Deluxe rebuild would include the basic rebuild and the following.
  • Plated parts are replated with the correct finish.
  • Painted housings are painted with urethane paint.

For worn or damaged parts not available, additional machining services are provided.

We would be happy to use your rebuild kit, or will locate and supply needed parts for you.

(Note: the quality and completeness of kits vary widely, We have access to top quality kits at a reasonable price for most common carburetors.)
Normal delivery time for the basic service is less than 1 week depending on the availability of parts. Plating and machining may require additional time for processing.

Please note: in order to provide you an accurate quote, we would prefer to have the carburetor sent to us first.  We will then inspect the unit and call with an estimate before we start.
For more information:

Call 1-248-362-2097 Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM EST


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