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Bragg Kliesrath Brake Rebuilding Service
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Bragg Kliesrath Brake Rebuilding Service

SKU: Rebuilding Service

Call to order: 1.248.362.0113

Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. has the experience and inventory to rebuild the Bragg Kliesrath vacuum brake boosters used on passenger vehicles such as Stutz, Duesenberg, Packard and Lincoln as well as commercial vehicles such as Mack Truck and others. All components such as the cylinder, regulator and vacuum valve can be overhauled.

Service includes:

•Disassembly, cleaning, cadmium plating, painting and replacement of seals and diaphragms.

•The zinc diecast parts are replaced with new cast bronze pieces.

•The original paper diaphragms are replaced with modern reinforced neoprene which is far more durable.

•The shafts or bores are repaired to provide smooth sliding surfaces.

•The steel canisters are painted with durable epoxy primer and can be finished with urethane paint if desired.

•The components are carefully assembled and checked before shipment.

•These finished units are ready to be installed on your chassis

This service takes approximately 1 -2 weeks to complete. Price is dependent upon condition.

Click here for a gallery of recently rebuilt boosters, valve and regulators: Rebuild Gallery (Page will open in a new window.)

For more information:

Call 1-248-362-2097 Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM EST


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