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Engine Rebuilding Service

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Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. can rebuild and restore the most difficult and complicated engines and transmissions. Because we can fabricate almost any part, worn and damaged items present no problem. From machining a new heat treated, stainless steel, water pump shaft to replacing poured-in-place main bearings with bronze backed, babbitt lined bearings, or manufacturing new timing gears and sprockets, Classic & Exotic Service, Inc. will completely and correctly rebuild all mechanical components to the highest standard.

All engines are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and chemically derusted, never acid dipped. After cleaning, we take the time and effort to check and rectify all fits within the engine. Usually, all bearings, bushings, pistons, rings, timing chains, valves, valve guides, valve springs, and gaskets are replaced. When required, new parts will be made. Additionally, new studs and fasteners are used when required. The engines are painted with durable urethane paints. Brass, aluminum and plated parts are refinished with the correct finish. Careful attention to detail and extensive experience allow us to build engines, which run perfectly and look beautiful.
Time to completion and price of service are dependent upon condition and completeness of motor. 
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