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Delco Lovejoy Shock Metering Rod #26
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Delco Lovejoy Shock Absorber Metering Rod #26

Price: $41.00
SKU: CAD-0032

Metering rod #26 for Vee-type Delco Lovejoy lever action shock absorbers.  Used with spring, our part #J-5854-1B. For use on Cadillac 1930 - 1931 V8, V12 and V16 as well as other cars using Delco Lovejoy Vee-type lever action shocks.

Cadillac part number 039326, group number 17.068. Noted in Cadillac parts book as  "Compression Metering Pin".
Delco Lovejoy part number 039326.

Material: Steel
Finish: Natural
DIA: 1/4
OAL: 5.025
Hole for spring: 3/16 x 9/32
Slot lengths: 1.352 and 2.580
Slot width: .065
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