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Cadillac-Johnson Carburetor Repair Kit for 1927-1930
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Cadillac-Johnson Carburetor Repair Kit, 1927-1931 V8

Price: $173.75
SKU: CAD-0069-K

Repair kit for Cadillac-Johnson carburetors  used in V-8 Cadillac and LaSalle from 1927-1931. For use on LaSalle 1927-1928 303, 1928-1929 328, 1929-1930 340 and 1930-1931 345 A. For use on Cadillac 1927-1929 341, 1929-1930 353 and 1930 1931 355A.

This rebuild kit contains one each of the following:

Float bowl gasket
Bottom float bowl gasket
Throttle pump leather plunger
Carburetor to manifold gasket
Carburetor to air vent nozzle gasket
Carburetor to spray nozzle gasket
Lock for carburetor inlet nipple
Leather seat for auxiliary air valve
Seat gasket 1/64 (Qty. 4)
Seat gasket 1/32 (Qty. 4)
Carburetor to fuel inlet nipple gasket
Carburetor intake silencer gasket (Used on all 345A & 355A and some 340 & 353)

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