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Coolant Hose
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Coolant Hose

Price: $15.25
SKU: Coolant_Hose

Blended rubber coolant hose reinforced with polyester cord for use on antique & classic cars.  Designed for low pressure applications. Hose is black with a green stripe. For use with ethylene glycol and water.

Minimum purchase of five feet required. Longest continuous length available is 25ft.
Some hose sizes may require an additional one - two days processing time.
This item is cut to order and is not returnable.

Available in several sizes:
GCO-K134  1.00 ID, 1 3/8 OD, 15.25/ft
GCO-K135, 1 1/8 ID, 1 1/2 OD, 16.25/ft
GCO-K136, 1 1/4 ID, 1 5/8 OD, 16.25/ft
GCO-K137, 1 3/8 ID, 1 3/4 OD, 17.00/ft
GCO-K138, 1 1/2 ID, 1 7/8 OD, 18.50/ft
GCO-K139, 1 5/8 ID, 2.00 OD, 19.00/ft
GCO-K151, 1 3/4 ID, 2 1/8 OD, 19.25/ft
GCO-K152, 1 7/8 ID, 2 1/4 OD, 20.75/ft
GCO-K153, 2.00 ID, 2 3/8 OD, 22.50/ft

Note: Base price of $15.25 is for part number GCO-K134. Price is dependent upon hose size. Correct price based on part number/size will be added to your shopping cart as shown in the table.